Reelsoul – Mind Games 2 EP


Reelsoul – Mind Games 2 EP

Released on 8 September 2014, the second Mind Games EP is another instrumental chill-out cognitive storyboard from talented US producer Will ‘Reelsoul’ Rodriquez. The vibe of the first EP was very much in the present and now the new release teleports us into the future, opening our minds to new possibilities that we had never dreamed of before. It is almost an exercise in meditation, inviting the listener to empty their mind and go where the music takes them, then at the end of the journey to return relaxed and refreshed and inspired to move forward with life. This isn’t just an EP – it’s a musical day-spa.

My journey began quite fittingly with ‘Departure’ where I found myself letting go of my everyday thoughts to make room for new discoveries, preparing to enjoy the ride, somewhat comfortable in the knowledge that I didn’t know what lay ahead of me.

Next came ‘Zero Gravity’ where I felt that I was on my way, suspended and floating outside of the world, detached from the hubbub of life and completely relaxed in my thoughts as the gentle keys and strings carried me on to my destination.

The rhythmic percussion of ‘In The City’ started my body swaying and moving, the music swathed me in feelings of well-being and happiness, as I absorbed the sophistication and warmth around me.

Then with ‘Metropolis’ my journey stepped up a few gears as I drifted faster and faster through the sights and sounds of a whole new world, the beat resonating through to the very core of my body.

With its ebbing and flowing and mesmerising dance beat ‘WTF?’ found my body dancing to the vibe, new beats with a hint of old classics. I was transported to a club of tomorrow, an enigmatic blend of new and familiar, with a unique energy, an intelligently crafted recipe that felt just right.

‘The Digital Age’ brought rhythmic robotic beats and keys to mind, reminiscent of a hypnotic production line where everything moves in metronomic unison. I became deeply absorbed in this intoxicating dance and then all too soon I was back in the room – back home to reality, but with a new clarity of mind.

The tracks in this EP have an enchanting energy and flow to them. This exercise in musical therapy took me outside of my usual boundaries of thought and into a promising and encouraging future, it made me dance, and freed my mind.

Reelsoul has welcomed us all to the new school, achieving a futuristic vibe without sounding too quirky or bizarre. There is still his underpinning warmth and essence, an overall feelgood vibe, a few echoes of the 70’s and 80’s, a sprinkle of the familiar Reelsoul bounce, but also a pathway to new discoveries where anything is possible and the palette of sounds is limitless.
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