Retsu - Retsu – Disclaimer EP


Retsu - Retsu – Disclaimer EP

Soulfooled, lovingly curated since its inception in 2010 by German producer Alex Niggemann, has established itself as a crucial platform for fresh talent, focused on sonic innovation that is unfailingly fresh and original, with its own distinctive brand of house music. The label’s next exciting musical instalment is the debut EP from a new Italian star in the making – Retsu – a Milano-based electronic music producer.

Retsu (meaning “line” in Japanese) is the artist’s metaphorical guise, representing a shift to a different, darker musical palette, influenced by the myriad of shapes, colours and sounds he was exposed to on a weekly basis during his decade-long exploration of the European clubbing scene – a musical education that now bears fruit with some exceptionally creative tracks for his Soulfooled debut.

From the wonderfully atmospheric and infectious opener – “Disclaimer” – it is hard not to be enthralled within Retsu’s diverse cathedral of sound. The throbbing funk of “Better Than Time”, complete with its subtle, juxtaposed, melancholic piano and synth lines, make it an irresistible musical delight. The deeply dark and delicious, heavy duty beats of  “Mrs. B”, show yet another side of Retsu’s standout inventiveness. Finally, Swiss artist Garance (who made her Soulfooled debut earlier in 2015 with the remarkable “Loro Cabeciazul EP”) delivers a suitably energetic finale to Retsu’s EP, with a truly exceptional interpretation of “Disclaimer”.

When an exciting new, highly original artist emerges, it is often interesting to take note of their background. As an electronic music teacher and co-founder of a production studio in his hometown, Retsu has worked as producer, composer and guitar player, moving through many shapes of music, including jazz, indie rock and pop to reach this point in his musical journey. Maybe this diverse background is what gives him his electronic edge? His music certainly resonates with a dark and strangely fresh sound, drawing from the past and looking to the future. Now, dropping his debut release on Alex Niggemann’s Soulfooled, Retsu is definitely an artist to keep an eye on.