Rising Melodic Techno Producer GONE releases Debut SOURCES EP

Rising Melodic Techno Producer GONE releases Debut SOURCES EP

Melodic techno producer and percussionist GONE has released his debut EP, SOURCES on the 28th of May via Enchanté Records. On the EP, listeners will find the ear-catching track, ‘SAVED’. The EP was composed, mixed and vocals provided by GONE while the mastering was done at London based studio Noize Music and has already received support from COMPLEX.


The French pianist and percussionist was born and is currently based in Paris, where he has been exposed to the vibrant and dynamic music scene that surrounds the city. Rich in complexity, SOURCES can be compared to the likes of Ben Bohmer, Jan Blomqvist and Stephan Bodzin.


Spamming across the web of multiple universes, GONE takes an elegant and refined approach to create the complex set of rhythmic patterns found within SOURCES. Dancing amongst genres and lightly acknowledging each, the EP stands as a testament to the synth-fuelled sounds and deep rolling basslines that drive many a listener into a vibrant haze. Organic fuelled electronica at its finest, SOURCES leaves the listener eager to hear more from the rising DJ.

The rising producer tells us about the unique project: “I am starting a musical adventure where I will project myself all over the world. Sharing my world with as many people as possible is an absolute dream. I am also preparing a dark scenography, intrinsically linked to the history of GONE. My music is an escape. In front of my speakers, I often try to create a parallel universe, beyond the foreground instruments and combining voice with music without one overriding the other.”




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