Robotaki experiments with blistering synths and celestial rhythms on “Los Angeles / Quasar”

Robotaki experiments with blistering synths and celestial rhythms on “Los Angeles / Quasar”

Behind the Robotaki mask lies a humble, inquisitive and idiosyncratic composer. Creating shattering electronic soundscapes and experimental R&B grooves, Preston Chin finds comfort amongst his warped rhythms – using music as a rich form of escapism.

Over the past decade, Robotaki has built an impressive career in the music industry, leaving behind a masters degree in Cell Biology to create, design and compose. His latest double single “Los Angeles” / “Quasar” is indicative of this immense attention to detail. “’Quasar’ is literally about quasars; super-massive black holes that suck in matter and emit radiant energy, that consistently feed each other at a universal level” Chin explains. Its blistering synths and celestial rhythms erupt into a supernova of shimmering electronics, taking you on a glittering journey through the cosmos.

Named after the sprawling Californian city, “Los Angeles” is “about hope for a theoretical place where we all live forever and don’t have to worry about the expectations of temporary life. In other words, a place where we don’t feel the need to find self-purpose against the clock.” Transporting the listener away from the city’s dark energy and carefully curated lifestyles, the single is an oasis in the middle of the busy metropolis.

Priding himself as a deeply introspective and intellectual thinker, 2020 will see the launch of the talented producers’ debut album. In a world over-saturated with new trends and innovations, Robotaki’s LP attempts to make sense of this bewildering, chaotic reality. Articulated through the lens of an unknown narrator as he traverses an apocalyptic landscape, the project dives in to the meta questions of our world: “I’ve worked in a bunch of metaphysical questions about identity, and how finding a purpose seems to occur coincidentally with losing any preconceived notion of it.”

Robotaki’s journey is only just beginning. Come along for the ride.



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