Salute Music Makers Announce Deal with Unsigned Music Awards


Salute Music Makers Announce Deal with Unsigned Music Awards

Salute Music Makers, the revolutionary new music talent platform has recently announced that the winner of their competition will be guaranteed a spot in the Best Songwriter category of the Unsigned Music Awards.

This groundbreaking partnership sees two pioneering enterprises join forces for the sake of real and untapped, grassroots music-making talent. Providing a platform for unsigned songwriters is at the heart of both Salute and the UMA’s strategic vision, and so both will support each other in their quest to empower the next generation of talented songwriters.
Salute’s one-of-a-kind competition positions itself away from the typical music platform and is broken down into a number of phases for separating the bedroom musicians from the true songwriters. After an initial phase of music makers uploading their music to the Salute website, the best songs will be narrowed down into a top 100 by a panel of expert curators, before a public vote decides the final 6. It is the winner of the live shows who will pocket themselves an unprecedented £50,000, as well as a spot on the shortlist of nominated artists for the UMA’s Best Songwriter Category.
Now that Salute and UMA have come together, the voice for emerging songwriters has been amplified. ‘The Unsigned Music Awards exist to champion the biggest artists of tomorrow who are either unsigned, self-signed or otherwise-emerging and who are on the verge of breaking’, noted  Simon O’Kelly, CEO of the UMA. ‘With Salute on the hunt for the next big songwriter, it makes perfect sense for us to recognise the winner of this competition as an Unsigned Music Awards shortlist nominee, and to extend our support to artists surfaced by such a great initiative.’
Feargal Sharkey, former Undertones front-man and face of Salute also commented: ‘We are absolutely delighted to announce our new partnership with the UMA. Yet again, Salute Music Makers has proved the power and significance of the songwriter. Once again we have proved that songwriters are poised to take a centre stage. They deserve all of our support and all of the applause we can muster to ensure they make the most of that opportunity.’
About Salute
Entrants to the Salute Music Makers competition stand the chance of winning £50,000 in cash, while the other five shortlisted finalists will each receive a £10,000 cash prize, no strings attached.The Salute competition reflects the dramatic changes in the way new music is written, recorded and shared. Recent advancements in music technology enable music makers to create music almost anytime, anywhere and the quality of organic, original music emerging from home studios has never been higher and is constantly evolving. Now is the perfect time to provide a platform for this talent by launching a competition that salutes the DIY generation of music makers.

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