Sardinia Surrenders To Lío Costa Smeralda’s Irreverence

Sardinia Surrenders To Lío Costa Smeralda’s Irreverence

First came Lío Ibiza, then, as a pop-up, Lío London, and, now, Lío Costa Smeralda will finally see the light on Sardinia’s emblematic and spectacular soil.

The opening of the iconic restaurant-cabaret – with the mythical Pacha Group at the helm – is scheduled to take place towards the end of July, and the venue will be in the environs of Grand Hotel Poltu Quatu, in Costa Smeralda.

Entertainment; fun; raw, unadulterated glamour; cuisine: all will come together in this new and irreverent offer, which will paint Sardinia red. The locale will have, like its Ibizan older sibling, the best, most renowned – both at a national and international level – DJs, musicians, dancers, artists, and choreographers. The show’s style, as is to be expected, will be risqué, sensual, and provocative: pure, raw Lío, in short.

Lío Costa Smeralda will first open its doors on 27th July and will be open on weekdays and weekends from 8:30pm to 3am.

Once in Lío Costa Smeralda, time as a concept will be sidelined; music, dancing, and provocation will take over the island to be enjoyed by all those willing to dive into a hard-to-forget experience.

Sardinia has become a global reference for celebrities and socialites, as well as for the world’s wealthiest. Costa Smeralda is a striking stretch of beach in the northern region of the island of Sardinia, some 55 km. long, and with an area in excess of 30 sqm. The beachline and towns in the area have been developed following carefully detailed designs. The region also counts with a nearby airport, Olbia Costa Smeralda.

International expansion of a Spanish brand of world-renown

By opening Lío Costa Smeralda, Grupo Pacha reinforces Lío’s international expansion plans, which kicked off in February with the opening of its Lío London pop-up. As in Lío Ibiza and Lío London, reservations include an exclusive menu and living the experience of one of the world’s most spectacular shows.

Says Nick McCabe, Grupo Pacha´s CEO, I´m incredibly excited to bring our Lío concept and team to Costa Smeralda. Undoubtedly this project will strengthen our brand in the Mediterranean and deliver an amazing experience for a new set of customers. Sardegna has many of the magical qualities of our home in Ibiza and so we can´t wait to introduce Lío to another beautiful island.” McCabe adds that “Lío is magic, it´s entertainment, it´s cuisine, it´s music, it´s fun. It´s an experience for all five senses. Lío is the best place to lose yourself on a summer night, step away from real life and let yourself run wild in our universe.”

According to Daniele Pulcini, CEO of Pulcini Group, owner of Poltu Quatu Port: “We are happy to host a world-class entertainment platform. On top of strengthening leadership positions of our site, Lio will bring a wave of international celebrities and other renowned guests who will contribute to the development of the business infrastructure of the Costa Smeralda and Sardinia.”

Continues Federico Giammarusto, Oaklins’ partner with an international expertise in fashion and F&B, as well as a perennial promoter of the various commercial initiatives hosted in Poltu Quatu, including Lio, “With Lio, Sardinia enhances its position on the edge of luxury hospitality of jet-set audience, and places itself among such iconic destinations as Ibiza, Mykonos, Saint Tropez, and Saint Barth.”

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