Piemont - Save Me / Elastic


Piemont - Save Me / Elastic

German duo Piemont deliver a two-track single via Zurich’s Definition:Music this March entitled ‘Save Me / Elastic’.

Frederic Moering-Sack and Christian De Jonquieres aka Piemont have been releasing their distinctive twisted style of house music over a decade now via the likes of Exploited, Terminal M, Skint, Area Remote and of course Definition:Music where they return to here. A label which has played host to material from the likes of Darius Syrossian, Josh Butler, Reboot, Nick Curly and many more.

Up first on the package is ‘Save Me’, a progressive tension fuelled composition laid out over six minutes with elongated bass drones, sweeping synth swells, atmospheric chord progressions and a rhythmic shuffle.

‘Elastic’ follows and rounds out the release, opting for a more reserved approach via tumbling organic percussion and bulbous bass drones alongside a dynamic, evolving synth hook and snaking synth whirrs and vocal hums.

Piemont’s ‘Save Me’ EP is out on Definition:Music 6th March 2017.


Save Me