Thomas Schumacher - Selected Remixes EP 1


Thomas Schumacher - Selected Remixes EP 1

Do you believe in conincidences?

I don’t – not anymore. I used to but I’ve learned that everything in life happens for a reason. Everything happens for you, not to you.

I have been busying myself with the idea of a remix album of classic tracks of mine for quite some time. But I struggled with the selection of tracks and which remix artist to pair with which track.  Until certain people entered my life. Some of them I only „met“ through their music on social media and never in person, others I met briefly, like in a car on the way to a festival. Some I started to hang out with and they became real life friends. All of these people connect with my music and I feel drawn to their music and in many ways we inspire each other.

As a natural result this remix EP took shape and I am excited to present it to you. The record contains four remixes of tracks from my back catalogue that cover a period of 20 (!) years. From my early days on Bush in the mid 90s to my first label Spiel-Zeug Schallplatten in the 00`s up until now, on Electric Ballroom here in Berlin. With love always, Thomas.