Selina unleashes brand new track ‘Blue’

Selina unleashes brand new track ‘Blue’

‘Blue’ is the new anthem of rebirthing and letting go, Selina’s lyrical fantasy and choice of the smooth, soft entrancing beat sounds like a beautiful illusion almost like the person she cared for. Reminding listeners, often we can create the perfect image of someone in our heads, but sometimes they can be toxic. The distorted beat drops in the track, mirror Selina’s realisation, her lover does not see her worth, and she needs to let go. ‘Blue’ is a relatable, reflective track perfect to play during a late-night drive or after a break-up.

Selina’s musical abilities are ear-catching, her voice compelling R&B voice blends so flawlessly with the instrumental. She is pouring every bit of emotion and pain onto the track for listeners to enjoy and grow from. 

When speaking about the song ‘Blue was a release of someone I cared for deeply. I reached my breaking point and realized I was in love with illusions and ideas I created based on the mask that person presented to me. It all came from one night they dropped me home late, cried to me, and seemed to just disappear after. The one time I needed help, I felt like a burden and I couldn’t handle the emotion and pain it brought up. I then had a dream about this night, and at the end of the dream, I close my eyes in bed and drift away like I never existed. Blue represents death and rebirth, a falling out of love, and a release. They made me feel weak and worthless, but in this song, I took my power back. I said what I had to say and I let go.”



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