Sevag – Night In Armour


Sevag – Night In Armour

Sevag is patiently climbing up the DJ ranks through hard work, passion, and dedication. A true and profound love for music blossomed from learning music theory at the tender age of five, progressively leading him to pursuing a dream and becoming one of the most promising and sought after DJ/producers. He has released his most recent track, “Night in Armour”, a hybrid of tech and progressive house that fans and professionals will truly enjoy.

When Sevag gets behind the DJ booth, the room instantly becomes alive as he boasts exquisite and breakthrough track selection and technical ability. When he steps into a studio, the possibilities become endless and this maestro in the making makes magic in the form of music, breathtaking and exhilarating. “Night In Armour”, released on S2G Productions, is a testament to his resolve and creative capabilities.

The track begins with a series of pulsating bass, which transforms into tech and house elements that will be sure to drive a crowd into a dancing frenzy. The buildup of the dance beat leads its way into a minimalistic drop that is unexpected in the form of a storm of techno sounds. Strong percussion combined with shades of Sevag’s customary dance grooves makes this track uniquely dark and uplifting at the same time. With many more releases on the horizon, the sky is the limit for this once-in-a-generation type of talent.

Sevag’s “Night In Armour” is out now on S2G Productions exclusively on Beatport.