Shake la Vie by Orangina


Shake la Vie by Orangina

Shake up your summer this July, as Orangina brings you a night of unpredictable fun…all determined by the shake of a dice!

We're toasting the iconic bottle with an evening of twists and turns, frivolous games and out-of-the-ordinary performances from Tokio Myers and Fergus Flanagan to name a few, that will leave guests guessing from the very moment they enter 'Shake La Vie' (meaning 'Shake of Life' in French).

Putting the destiny of your night fully in the hands of the power of the dice, one roll could completely change your experience, with three distinctly different rooms, designed to zest up your night.

Where will you end up? Let the dice decide…

Your journey begins the moment you're greeted by our charismatic host and encouraged to shake the orange icon, with the dice determining how your night begins.

Ignite the senses as you meander up the stairs and through the orchard of orange groves where you'll find yourself immersed in an intimate theatrical experience with our world-class mixologists – creating cocktails with an Orangina twist! Enjoy the likes of a 'Gin-Gina' in an alternative setting or perhaps a 'Gina-Ball' could tickle your fancy?

But don't get too comfortable. Orangina's theatrical performers Contortionists will soon be offering you the chance to switch up the vibe of your night, with the shake of the dice determining your next move.

From the orchard hideaway, transport yourself to France's Mediterranean playground and immerse yourself in the classic beach-chic opulence of the French Riviera. This social stomping ground, that's so desirable amongst London's A-Listers, will also be home to the leading act as well as a number of charming performers including Beats Boutique that will keep you guessing throughout the duration of the event.

Wanting the VIP treatment? Let the dice guide you into the backstage hideout where you'll enjoy an intimate performance from Orangina's headline act while you relax in our comfortable chairs, overlooking Picadilly Circus. Could you end up gossiping over an 'Orangina Dove' with our performers before your night is over?

We believe that everyone is in need of an orange twist in their life. So, feeling adventurous? Want to experience this unique event? Come and take a shake of our dice at Jewel Piccadilly, where Orangina promise to keep you fully entertained and enthralled all night long.

Always remember, 'Life is flat, unless you shake it'.