Shall Ocin vs FiberRoot – Lurking Wolves / Space Localizer


Shall Ocin vs FiberRoot – Lurking Wolves / Space Localizer

Ellum Audio are back for another killer release with a double sided, two track bomb which sees Shall Ocin take the A-side and FiberRoot take the B-side. Shall Ocin’s ‘Lurking Wolves’ hits with a thundering bass and driving force with trippy melodies and sonic FX zooming through the atmospherics with powerful impact, while FiberRoot’s ‘Space Localizer’ rumbles and grumbles in the lower end, building into emotive warm keys before kicking straight back into the deep groove. 


Originally from Argentina, Shall Ocin aka Nicolas Abalos first started releasing music in 2010 under the name Paneoh on labels such as Bedrock and Connect Four. Now under the name Shall Ocin he releases on labels such as Ellum Audio, Culprit LA, Get Physical and Leftroom Limited.

Hailing from Valencia and still currently calling it home, FiberRoot is also welcomed to the Ellum Audio imprint. With his first release making its mark at the end of last year on MLP Music Label, he’s since released on the likes of Sincopat and Restore Music.