“Show You How It Go” by Jacob Colon: A Must-Listen Tech House Hit

“Show You How It Go” by Jacob Colon: A Must-Listen Tech House Hit

Skillful DJ and music Producer Jacob Colon strikes back with a new Tech House track titled ‘Show You How It Go’ via his imprint Made to Move Records. The Producer is ready to unveil his latest production that continues his impressive release schedule, that has seen him release fresh tracks at a constant pace, with his latest releases ‘Addicted’ and ‘Backroom’ further amplifying his reach and showcasing his signature style; now he gears up to release this new track that will surely keep the momentum going with its powerful and hard-hitting sound.

The track starts with an energetic beat that sets the tone for the powerful and energy-fueled listening journey, bass driven drop follows suit, alongside playful sonic elements and sample chops that make their way through there track, Latin rhythmic and percussive elements, sweeps blend in to add to Jacob Colon’s unmistakable style and sound.  A synth motif carries a catchy melody, as the track keeps building towards new drops that releases the track to new heights, unleashing the party once more. ’Show You How It Go’ highlights and showcases Jacob Colon’s signature style and sound, this track is ready to get any party started and summon its listeners to join and dance.

With every release, Jacob Colon manages not only to display his sound but also push his own boundaries, delivering high-quality and energetic productions that put his name even higher on the list of Producers to support and follow closely, as he keeps his vision and vision clear, creating new and powerful music ready to conquer dancefloors all over the world. Make sure to follow Jacob Colon across social media, as his release schedule keeps promising new hard-hitting music to come. ‘Show You How It Go’ is out now and available in all major online stores and streaming platforms. 

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