Sigma, Fabio, Grooverider and more feature in new music film United Nation: Three Decades Of Drum & Bass

Sigma, Fabio, Grooverider and more feature in new music film United Nation: Three Decades Of Drum & Bass

With exclusive video content, interviews with drum & bass producers, DJs and MCs that have truly pioneered this sound, ‘United Nation: Three Decades of Drum & Bass’, is entertainingly gritty in uncovering how the dance music genre exploded from the sweaty dance floors and on to becoming one of the most popular genres of electronic dance music, spawning international derivatives and subgenres.

The original archive content is alarmingly raw and hard-hitting, backed up by the thoughts of DJ Fresh, Andy C, Sigma, Fabio, Grooverider, Hype, Ragga Twins, Adam F, Sasasas, DJ Rap, Jumping Jack Frost, Nicky Blackmarket, Ray Keith, DJ Brockie and Rat Pack. Terry Stone leads the documentary and conveys his battle through life from a council estate to founding the iconic One Nation events.

Drum & Bass originally came from the London-centric rave scene as an underground movement that rapidly spread across the UK, and then throughout the world. The scene had serious issues with violence and, a sometimes uneasy, drugs culture that plagued its early growth.  In 1994, the government passed a law banning large events featuring music “characterised by the emission of a succession of repetitive beats”. Raves were officially illegal – but it didn’t stop them happening. The ‘scene’ and its many style permutations have survived and thrived, and heavily influenced Grime music and the modern EDM arena.

The transition from poorly organised, often unsafe raves to the well-run clubs of today is partly down to the efforts of one man: Terry ‘Turbo’ Stone. Terry went against the grain, taking great pains to ensure the safety of clubbers and meticulously planning his events. After founding the legendary One Nation raves at just 22 years of age, he later went on to run numerous other equally successful events across a range of genres.

The VIP World Premiere of ‘United Nation: Three Decades of Drum & Bass’ will be held on Saturday 15th Feb at The Troxy. It will be followed by a legendary old skool Drum & Bass, Jungle night promoted by the creator & wward-winning promoter of One Nation, Terry Turbo who is coming out of retirement for this special night. For tickets please visit – Dice FM here.

Line Up:

United Nation Presents The Valentines Drum & Bass Experience Back to the Old Skool (1993 – 2003)

Top Buzz

Adam F & MC Shabba Dan

Brockie & MC Dett & MC Skibadee

DJ Nicky Blackmarket & Mc Eksman







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