Right-O - Skyfall


Right-O - Skyfall

In every career, there is a defining moment – one that inspires potential, reinvigorates burning desire and carves a pathway from where you are to where you want to be. For Melbourne electronic artist Right-O, that milestone moment came with the production of his alluring and multidimensional new single 'Skyfall'.

Standing tall in Australia’s explosive dance music scene, Right-O has been building his profile as a self-penned producer for some time, wreaking sonic havoc on dancefloors across the country. Now, his sights are firmly set on breaking the global music scene. The young producer is pushing creative boundaries with his latest output ‘Skyfall’, and he has a few tricks up his sleeve to propel him into 2018.

A captivating instrumental led by raw, emotive vocals emulate the brand and direction of Right-O perfectly; reinvigorated and dynamic. ‘Skyfall' is as unique as it is relevant, offering a moody soundscape driven by familiar deep house drum sounds. Underpinned by a dark rolling bassline and complex chord structures, this track offers an all-encompassing experience.

Right-O’s Skyfall is out now, via Be Rich Records.