Small festival? Large festival? How much earlier should I order?


Small festival? Large festival? How much earlier should I order?

Lorinc Meszaros, the director of is answered our question.

It is a difficult question; we say the sooner, the better, but, even if you do not order your wristbands, lanyards, other promotional stuff months before your event, it will not do any harm to get in touch with us to let us know your ideas. We are the partner who will do their best for you and try to help in everything we can, so you are more than welcome to tell us even estimated figures, design ideas, etc. we will help you in the planning which also takes some time.

Our capacity is outstanding even in the European market, and we can print a lot of wristbands a day, yet, as many customers choose us, our capacity still has its limits (although we are continuously increasing it). We recommend sorting everything out 2-3 weeks prior to smaller festivals and 4-6 weeks before larger festivals in order to have time to finish the job comfortably. If there is no time pressure, the prices are better as well hence you will not have to choose and pay for the express printing. It may happen that you are out of time and need 5-10,000 pcs of fabric wristbands in 3-4 days for your event – we can help in that, too, but, obviously that will cost more.

So, to stay at the safe side, do not forget to place your order or send an enquiry to in time.