Soundle Music Production App Launches on iOS

Soundle Music Production App Launches on iOS

The ultimate music-making mobile studio that inspires on the go 

Soundle is Gismart’s new music production app that lets you write, mix and remix 

– all from your mobile device!

Gismart – a leading developer and publisher of entertainment focused apps and games announced the launch of its latest music-making app in the App Store: Soundle

Soundle is a personal music studio that offers users all the must-have tools to become a pro music maker without needing any prior music making experience. Users can start writing, recording and creating songs regardless of their experience level. All that matters is a love for making music. This became possible thanks to the collection of original sound packs created by professional sound producers at Gismart. While creating their own track, the user gets access to the library of sounds of any genres that he can apply to different parts of the track. With practice, the user learns the basics of arranging and producing. Thus, Soundle gives the opportunity to experiment with sound and create music without playing a single note.

The app also provides rich functionality for experienced musicians to test creative ideas, since there are no genre restrictions in Soundle. The new app is all about experimenting and creating, with the only limit being the user’s creativity. The app lets a user mix beats with classical guitars or add rock drumming to EDM, make beats like a hip-hop producer or create huge drops like a world-class DJ. 

“We aimed to create an app that would cater to musical experimentation. In doing so, we positioned the app at a crossroads between different musical forms and genres to foster new and unusual ideas. I believe we developed a sufficiently flexible functionality to achieve this goal without making it too challenging to use. Thus, it retains depth while still being straightforward and accessible to a broad audience. Our team of musicians has worked hard to create original soundpacks and will continue to do. We want to ensure that users have access to a regularly updated collection of exclusive music materials,” – says Pavel Khasanov, Product Manager at Gismart. 

With Soundle, users can experience and enjoy streamlined music production, that allows them to create music without needing to play any instruments. Being streamlined doesn’t mean a lack of depth or lack of tools for a pro song maker. Soundle delivers a great experience for veterans as well as beginners. Everyone can choose their sound, genre and mix, mash and edit until the best track is created.

Soundle: download here – website here



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