Stunning kinetic art installation SKALAR comes to Amsterdam

Stunning kinetic art installation SKALAR comes to Amsterdam

Stunning kinetic art installation SKALAR comes to Amsterdam

Exhibition open between January 10 and February 5 at Gashouder

A stunning audio-visual kinetic art installation SKALAR by light artist Christopher Bauderand musician Kangding Ray will land in Amsterdam in January 2020. This large-scale artistic production is a collaboration between Berlin’s design and art studio WHITEvoid, Amsterdam electronic music promoters Audio Obscura and one of the city’s most important cultural venues, Westergas. Last seen in Berlin in 2018 where it delighted many thousands of people with its cutting-edge blend of kinetic mirrors, perfectly synchronized moving lights and intense sonic soundscapes, SKALAR will  temporarily reside in the iconic Gashouder in Amsterdam from January 10 to February 5, 2020.

SKALAR reshapes the landscape of exhibitions by bringing a moving audiovisual installation and art show to the iconic Gashouder in Amsterdam. SKALAR is an artwork that explores the effects of light and sound on human perception, with the creators narrating the journey as light vectors, kinetic mirrors and multi-channel surround sounds interact and evolve in reaction to each other. It seeks to provide a meditation on the fundamental nature and essence of basic human emotions, where light is treated as a solid material for the artists to manipulate as a sculpture would clay or marble.

The exhibition will be open for people to enjoy for as long as they like as the installation continuously loops throughout the day. SKALAR can be experienced in numerous ways; standing up, laying down, slowly dancing and gazing to the beauty that is surrounding the spectator.

As a special highlight on two weekends, Christopher Bauder and Kanding Ray will play several exclusive SKALAR live shows – an expanded and intensified version of the animation cycle. The artists will bring choreographed light and electronic music to life in real-time. Every live show will be a unique experience.

Westergas is the cultural hub in Amsterdam’s Westerpark that includes spaces such as the legendary Gashouder. With a history stretching back to 1902, the impressive site plays host to many innovative audio-visual spectacles, making it a perfect fit for SKALAR.

Words do no justice to this impressive temporarily art experience, for a sneak preview watch the Amsterdam trailer and the video from SKALAR’s premier in Berlin in 2018. Tickets for SKALAR are available via this website.



Friday 10.01.2020 till Wednesday 05.02.2020  

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday                      15.00 – 23.00
Friday and Saturday                                                            13.00 – 23.00
Sunday                                                                                   13.00 – 21.00
Saturday (on days of live shows)                                      13.00 – 19.30

Saturday 18 January – 21.30pm
Saturday 25 January – 21.30pm

Tickets for SKALAR are available via



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