Supernova – Suite 58 EP


Supernova – Suite 58 EP

Since 2009, Lapsus Music has been releasing a fine brand of electronic music by a range of talents including Supernova, the Italian production duo that runs the label and that is also behind this new Suite 58 EP. Accomplished tech titans Tiger Stripes and Luna City Express also turn in fine remixes.

Supernova is Emiliano Nencioni and Giacomo Godi, who play DJ sets with live instruments at places like Ministry of Sound and Space, have collaborated with Kevin Saunderson and release on labels including Defected and Noir.

Their new EP, inspired by classical piano suites, disco and old school house, was written between studios in Milan and Florence and on kit including a Yamaha acoustic piano and Roland JP8080.  It kicks off with the title track, which is a grand house affair with fine piano chords and epic intentions in its bold groove. The drums are firm and stirring, the synths are elastic but its the fantastic piano that really makes this a standout main room track. Tiger Stripes, who has long been a favourite on labels like OFF and Get Physical, transforms the track into a more militant, skipping tech affair with moody piano riffs and colourful arps at its core.

Then comes ‘Hang on Time’, a much more banging house cut driven by huge kicks. It’s fresh and clean, and with the off kilter piano subs and classic vocal lines it recalls a vibey house hey day and makes no bones about it. This one gets remixed by Moon Harbour’s main men, Luna City Express, and the result is something just as turbo charged and sub driven, but that has a more tracky, loopy sense of groove. Closing out the EP is ‘Above All Things’, another high energy, high impact track with loose percussion jangling next to space ship synths, intense drums and steamy vocal samples.

Overall this is a hard hitting EP stuffed with meaty dance floor tracks that manage to be fun as well as functional.