SUPERSPECIAL Unveils ‘Heroes’ Music Video

SUPERSPECIAL Unveils ‘Heroes’ Music Video

Breakout DJ and ‘Superhero’ SUPERSPECIAL returns with a lively set of visuals for his latest single ‘Heroes’, arriving alongside a spirited rework of the single by future house duo Bougenvilla.
The stimulating three-minute music video sees the Superhero come to life with each and every beat, while keeping his identity concealed under a sleek mask in true superhero fashion. ‘Heroes’ is a direct reflection of SUPERSPECIAL’s immensely spirited energy and the music video is no exception as we see the DJ’s momentum amplify while surrounded by beaming lights that breathe life into the ‘Heroes’ lyrics.

‘Heroes’ has amassed a wide variety of attention from DJ’s and producers across the globe as the single was reworked by Russian duo Dropgun, and now future house duo Bougenvilla. Bougenvilla’s remix sheds a new light on the track as the duo reworks the single into an uplifting electro-house hit.

SUPERSPECIAL tell his story though inspiring tracks, vibrant visuals, and a weekly captivating comic series that sees the superhero fight evil with the roaring power of music. Listeners can continue to see the mysterious DJ and superhero’s story unfold with a variety of new music and comics soon to be revealed.

Stay up to date with everything SUPERSPECIAL by following his socials for a weekly comic series, new music, and so much more.

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