Konektiv - Synchronicity_365


Konektiv - Synchronicity_365

When producing for the dancefloor, the elusive Mexican underground artist Daniel Mahuad (aka Konektiv) produces music with a highly distinctive blend of styles, incorporating deep and melodic elements into his tech house and techno blueprints, blended together with sophisticated ambient electronica interludes.

The somewhat mysterious Konektiv lets his music do the talking for him. As an artist, he knows no boundaries and ‘Synchronicity 365’ is an adventurous opus that can be best described as sound experimentation through intricate soundscapes and impulsive, bold shifts through genres, evolving from enthralling slo-mo electronica towards deeply melodic techno. In other words, it is supremely individualistic and should not be missed!

Opening proceedings with the filmic ambient electronica of ‘Interlude To Nothingness’, the album quickly builds through the melodic tech-energy of ‘Echoes Of Silence Ilusiones’, analogue squelches of ‘Destino Paralelo’, and pitter-patter groove of ‘Infinitum’, before taking a deeper, darker direction with ‘Autodromo’ and ‘Memoria’. The highly infectious low-slung groove of ‘Love2’ is constantly twisted and mutated, topped with heart-melting melodic motifs, to create a track that, like all of Konektiv’s musical creations, needs to be experienced all the way to the last bar to fully appreciate its ever-evolving, subtle intricacies.

Konektiv’s highly sophisticated groove experimentation and evolving melodies are once again centre-stage throughout ‘Monza’, before the buzzing energy of ‘Monoposto’ takes things on a dramatic, climactic ride, before a brief pause launches ‘Interlagos’ into orbit. The energy levels rise once more with the beautiful, dusty melodies of ‘Memorabiliatum’, leading perfectly into the engrossing album finale of ‘Firenza’ and ‘Dreams’. With such an exceptional degree of attention to musical detail, ‘Synchronicity_365’ is an album that will continue to amaze for many moons to come. Enjoy!

“A&R for Molecule Recordings is not an easy task in these times of musical saturation and production-by-numbers releases. It’s hard to stumble across that diamond in the rough, but, thankfully, Konektiv – aka Daniel Mahuad – exists. His 2009 demo submission ‘Winter Solstice’ emitted a flashing beacon of originality amidst the average and dross, spawning a series of unique E.P releases, and ultimately this debut album. Konektiv knows no boundaries: it is sound experimentation through intricate soundscapes, impulsive bold shifts through genres, and immersive arrangements of electronic expression. Through Konektiv we discover that the machine does, in fact, breathe.” – Rich Solarstone.

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