Synth Pop Artist NINA Releases New Single ‘Carnival Night’

Synth Pop Artist NINA Releases New Single ‘Carnival Night’

Synth Pop artist NINA takes a wild ride into the night on her new, romantically charged single: “Carnival Night”.

NINA aka Nina Boldt has joined forces with electro-rock producer Radio Wolf aka Oliver Blair to create this single which is out now.

‘Carnival Night’ is the start of a new era for NINA where she marks down her independence after departing from her previous record label. Her lyrics draw us into a carnival dreamscape—a spellbinding place of moonlight, shadows and vertiginous abandon.

“Carnival Night is a song about running wild and surrendering to magic and desire. It’s a special song for me because it’s my first release as an independent artist”, explains NINA. “Coming up with the theme and creating this track was the perfect way to emotionally escape the confines of the pandemic; we wanted to create a world and get lost in it.”

Radio Wolf’s rock-steady, cool-headed synth and guitar fusion, featuring throbbing basslines and heavy-hitting beats, counterpoints the playful assurance of NINA’s vocal delivery, placing her centre stage.

The confident sense of freedom and independence to be heard in ‘Carnival Night’ suggests that this new NINA and Radio Wolf team-up could ignite some really exciting sonic fire for the future.

‘Carnival Night’ is available to stream worldwide right now.



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