Moderna Y Theus Mago - Tecno Misogino


Moderna Y Theus Mago - Tecno Misogino

Moderna Y Theus Mago are next up on La Dame Noir and their great five tracker includes remixes by Bufi and Sebastian Voigt. 

The La Dame Noir label has been away for almost a year now as the team have been busy opening a 2nd venue in their native Marseille, with a packed schedule of DJs lined up for the months ahead. They return in some style though with a reléase from this dynamic duo! Moderna Y Theus Mago made waves last year with a standout release on French electro star Chloé’s Lumiere Noire label. The outfit is made up of American Ghostly artist Moderna, who’s background in a noise band developed stylistically into a distinct sound influenced by techno and acid and Mateo González aka Theus Mago, artist on Kill The DJ and Duro label co-founder and someone with a unique approach to leftfield techno and disco. In cahoots they have a dark and persuasive sound. 

Up first is the powerful techno bumper ‘Tecno Misógino’ with its robust drums and bass and bold synth lines. As the title’s refrain is repeated over and over you get sucked into the track’s spell and happily roll with it. The arresting ‘Francesca (Wild At Heart)’ is all about cold synth slaps and no wave drums. It’s metallic and retro-futuristic and builds into a body jerking rhythm of the highest order. 

The script then gets flipped on ‘Can You See Her’, which is a deeper and more mysterious number with sci-fi keys and spooky synths making for a perfectly eerie and late night slow techno track. 

Berlin artist Sebastian Voigt then remixes ‘Tecno Misógino’ in his deep motorik style with thundering synths and crisp snares laid over a percolating drum line. It’s intense and enthralling whilst remaining fully controlled. Last of all, Mexican disco and house artist Bufi steps up to masterfully rework the same track. He makes it into a chugging, low slung prowler with a menacing bassline and raw biker disco percussion. 

Yet again here La Dame Noir have served up a fresh modern dark disco package that packs real heat. 


1. Moderna y Theus Mago – Tecno Misógino
2. Moderna y Theus Mago – Francesca (Wild At Heart)
3. Moderna y Theus Mago – Can You See Her
4. Moderna Y Theus Mago – Tecno Misógino (Sebastian Voigt Remix)
5. Moderna y Theus Mago – Tecno Misógino (Bufi Remix)