Martin Eyerer - The Lake / Rethink


Martin Eyerer - The Lake / Rethink

Germany’s multitasking maestro Martin Eyerer, has (for more than 25 years) criss-crossed the globe as a highly respected DJ, whilst as a Producer he’s amassed a catalogue of more than 150 releases on the world’s most respected labels. His excellent ‘Frequencies’ collaboration with fellow countryman Patrick Chardronnet was an unmistakable highlight on John Digweed’s recent namesake 3xCD compilation. Now, Martin Eyerer returns, flying solo this time with a stunning Bedrock double-header.

‘The Lake’ is an immediately infectious delight, as Martin steadily adds subtle layers of percussion to create a glorious, hypnotic, hip-swinging groove, before dropping everything back and introducing striking melodic stabs. Nothing is rushed, nothing is overdone, everything is perfectly arranged – the mark of a master producer at work. The creation of yet another irresistible groove by Martin, with a distinctive playful swing based around an evolving percussive masterclass, sees his second track ‘Rethink’ bounce sparsely underneath catchy synth motifs in supremely confident style.

As a pioneer producer, Martin Eyerer has evolved with the times, believing that being an artist means existing in a permanent state of change, development and evolution. This is clearly evident through his various Bedrock excursions and those on his own much respected Kling Klong label (founded in 2005 with partner Rainer Weichhold).

After moving from Stuttgart to Berlin in 2012 Martin (along with Jade Souaid and Tassilo Ippenberger) also opened the Riverside Studios – a burgeoning hub of creativity that is home to many of the city’s finest talents. As an expert mixing and mastering engineer, he also relocated his own studio here and installed his restored (and legendary) Amek M 3000 Console that was formerly owned by Pink Floyd in the 70’s. It’s no wonder that he has become not only a legend in his own right, but also a producer that the worlds best artists are always keen to work alongside.

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