Jordan Bernardo - The Pink Cloud


Jordan Bernardo - The Pink Cloud

Early June will see the release of Jordan Bernardo’s ‘The Pink Cloud’ LP via Chicago’s The Pool House, here the label offers up a sampler featuring five of the twenty compositions from the project.

Chicago’s Jordan Bernardo is co-founder of The Pool House imprint birthed out of the windy city and home to a collective of producers and DJ’s in the city. Here we see the up and coming producer step up to deliver his debut long player, a twenty track body of work ranging from energy fuelled Techno more experimental Downtempo sounds.

Here though the labels strips back the full project to provide a sampler package and across the five tracks Bernardo’s productions pack a punch with opener ‘Double Agent’ focusing on menacing bass sweeps, popping synth sequences and raw percussion. ‘Dho What’ follows and delves somewhat deeper with sparse, dubby rhythms, eerier atsmospherics and an ever-evolving array of synth lines.

‘Story Time W Grandma’ drops the tempo slightly and lays down a chugging groove accompanied by murmuring vocal chops, floaty chords and menacing bass drones. ‘Sleeping Shades’ then brings wandering arpeggios to light while ‘Pass Fail’ closes the package on a stripped back, heady dance floor tip.

Jordan Bernardo’s ‘The Pink Cloud’ is out on The Pool House 6th June 2016.


Double Agent
Dho What
Story Time W Grandma
Sleeping Shades
Pass Fail