Yarni Entkommen - The Remixes Vol.1


Yarni Entkommen - The Remixes Vol.1

Yarni’s ‘Entkommen’ was a well-received debut album on this label last year, and now comes the first of two remixes EPs. AWITW, ATDHE, Harmonious, Lauer, Tales of Voodoo and IPG V Yarni all serve up brilliant new versions ahead of part two in September.

Night Noise regular AWITW opens things up and channels his Balearic senses on ‘Agitator’ creating a CFCF like vibe. It’s awash with rippling synths and beach-y grooves to carry you away.

Next up, IPG follow on from their recent disco hit with Hot Toddy, joining forces here with Yarni for a remix of ‘Granny’s Garden’ that is blissed out and dreamy thanks to the heavenly chords and gentle percussion. Then it’s, ATDHE a newcomer from Yarni’s hometown of Sheffield who breathes new life, broken beats & shimmering melodies into ‘Waterfall’.

For his remix, Dutch producer ‘Harmonious’ takes us on a beautifully harmonic journey with rubbery kicks powering along the thoughtful groove. After that is another newcomer in the form of Tales Of Voodoo who take the delightful ‘Goin Live in Rabat’, strip it back and turn it into a percussion heavy, Sergio Mendes styled slice of Latin tinged dance floor action. Last of all is an alternative disco remix of ’28 Years of It’ from Tuff City Kid member Lauer who uses all his know how to cook up a euphoric remix with big retro chords and effortlessly summery vibes. 

All six of these remixes offering something different but equally essential for the dance floor and mark another superb release from Night Noise Music.

1- Agitator (AWITW Remix)
2- Granny’s Garden (IPG V Yarni remix)
3- Waterfalls (ATDHE remix)
4- Gullfoss (Harmonious)
5- Goin Live In Rabat (Tales Of Voodoo remix)
6- 28 years Of It (Lauer disco Mix)