Trey Mirror steps up to rework Awkward Moments’ ‘Life On Venus’

Trey Mirror steps up to rework Awkward Moments’ ‘Life On Venus’

A new offering from London-based duo Awkward Moments, comprising of Mimi Xu – producer and electronic composer, and MAGUIRE – multi-instrumentalist & lead vocalist; Life On Venus tells the playful tale of two female lovers trying to reconcile through the wondrous power of psychedelics. Copious amounts of mind bending substances and a loss of inhibitions are no doubt the key to genuine intimacy, right? We must transcend in order to connect. Oh the irony.

This intense connection gets turned on its head when the Awkward Moments pair hand over the reins to their male producer and DJ friends to interpret this hyper feminine love story. A collection of remixes by the likes of – Ewan Pearson, Craig Richards, Frank Wiedemann, Trey Mirror, Sasha & Hans Berg to name a few – will become part of a limited edition vinyl art project, along with a performance art piece and accompanying visuals by Norbert Schoerner; raising questions surrounding the male gaze, female connection, and queer self-identity. The first release of the series will be this remix by Trey Mirror.

Awkward Moments will be supporting Mykki Blanco at XOYO on 29th November.

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