Vaughty – ‘1984’

Vaughty – ‘1984’

Following the anticipated 2022 release of the deluxe album ‘Dark Society’, VAUGHTY returns in 2023 with new genre-defying single ‘1984’ – the feature and title song to a 5 track EP – released January 2023 on Aggro Monkey records. 

With the re-release of 1984 showcasing an anthemic melody of synth enthused emotion, the new year has already seen a promising start by Vaughty. Featuring guest vocals of Cherry Ballard, anticipation looms for the music video release, which depicts a desperate struggle of 3 individuals trying to survive after a nuclear apocalypse. A resounding message behind the composition, context shows a cry to humanity – “Wake Up. Don’t let it happen. It’s up to us” Vaughty described the curation of ‘1984’ EP: This project is inspired by the George Orwell classic – The songs make direct reference to the source material whilst drawing the comparisons and parallels with the current state of the world”

Born in a humble mining town in South Africa, Vaughty is a self taught multi-instrumentalist and producer who moved to the UK in 1999. After buying his first Keyboard at the age of 15, Vaughty discovered a synth-enthused sound that took inspiration from artists such as Gary Numan, Depeche Mode, Jean-Michel Jarre, Vaneglis, Vince Clarke and many others. This has evolved into a unique style that evolved following multiple releases under differ aliases and several collaborations. Vaughty finally founded the persona with his debut album ‘Love And Industry’ in 2014, dubbing his music “a hybrid between EDM and Industrial Rock”.


“My songs reflect the human condition. To me, emotion, melody and atmosphere are the most important elements in music” VAUGHTY

Inspired by the 2011 “Drive” starring Ryan Gosling, the first album – “Love And Industry” – was released in 2015 on Vaughty’s own “Aggro Monkey Records” label. He maintained this pace with the release of a series of singles, featuring guest vocals by Cherry Ballard. Changing course in 2022, Vaughty released his hardest, darkest and most ambitious album to date: “Dark Society” (available on CD, Vinyl, and streaming). The new direction is a lot harder and edgier, yet still retains that unique sound which fans adore.

An authentic soul, Vaughty worked to sustain his humble music beginnings; With a series of retail and catering jobs, he also played piano bars and hotels where his sets ranged from Billy Joel, Elton John, all the way to Queen. This influence and persistence is still evident in Vaughty’s work ethic today. As well as the musical project branded Vaughty, the reputable creative – Vaughn George, also runs a Youtube Channel that is centred around music reviews and content to inspire up and coming artists. Alongside this, Vaughn thrives as an artist development coach, whose mission is to aid industry access for musicians and become the best versions of themselves.



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