Vessbroz are back with their newest release ‘Walking In Grace’

Vessbroz are back with their newest release ‘Walking In Grace’

The Vessbroz are back with a chilled out new tune titled ‘Walking In Grace’, with sultry vocals from P.I.T. the song’s story is based on encouraging someone with very little self-confidence to enjoy life and try new things. ‘Walking in Grace’ has a catchy chorus that makes you want to sing along and a cool electronic groove featuring eastern instruments to match.

Exquisitely produced, the Vessbroz have truly outdone themselves on this production. The pair has reached over 1,630,000+ viewsas well as over 900,000 playson Spotify and over 4.5 million playson
Soundcloud. Vessbroz’ upbeat style is an effortless fusion of high-energy fun
and raw grittiness.

Armia and Arsham have achieved unbelievable things in the 4 years they have spent in the industry including an album release with Sony called ‘Lost’, a top 40 tune that lasted for 7 weeks on the Billboard chart and have even produced music for the mega budget Malaysian-English movie ‘C144’.

Walking In Grace’is out now on Womp Kartel Records.

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