Vintage Culture and Slow Motion work their magic on ‘Slow Down’

Vintage Culture and Slow Motion work their magic on ‘Slow Down’

As Brazil is currently delivering exciting new artists and fresh sounds as steady as the clock, one of these highlights is now officially released on Spinnin’ Deep. It’s a cool, inventive club version of Maverick Sabre’s 2019 pop hit ‘Slow Down’, delivered by Brazilian tastemakers Vintage Culture and Slow Motion, ready to make waves once again on a global scale!

For sure, the original tune already was a catchy piece of pop music. English/Irish singer-songwriter Maverick Sabre delivered a moody tune, filled with subtle bass chords, inspired chorus and a powerful featuring of UK singer-songwriter Jorja Smith. She gave the perfect counterbalance for Sabre’s soulful vocals, turning the song into a sweet blend of vintage soul and chilled electronics.

Then, Brazilian DJ/producers Vintage Culture and Slow Motion got their hands on the track, resulting in a bootleg version that turned clubs upside down, as well as scoring millions of streams on YouTube (the upload on Mixdeck currently counts over 3,8 million views).

No wonder, the guys definitely worked their magic on this one. While still including the original melody and vocal lines of ‘Slow Down’, the song is enhanced with a subtle yet powerful house groove, deep and bouncy, giving it exactly a fresh dose of energy for the club crowd.

It’s the perfect teamup between what’s currently happening in the UK scene and the uprising Brazilian bass sound – two worlds melting together in one irresistable dance tune.

“Maverick Sabre and Jorja Smith’s vocal performances inspired us to bring our A-Game to the remix of ‘Slow Down.’ We did our very best to create a musical landscape which would simultaneously do justice to these brilliant singers, plus keep the audience moving at shows.” – Vintage Culture & Slow Motion



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