Vintage Culture releases ‘Colour Of My Heart’

Vintage Culture releases ‘Colour Of My Heart’

With almost one billion combined streams on Spotify and YouTube, international airplay from renowned stations and notable acclaim (Wonderland, Rolling Stone, Forbes), Vintage Culture is one of the most influential Brazilian artists of his generation. His presence is swiftly fanning across the globe, as his achievements continue to grow in line with his surging beats. This is further illustrated with his latest EP, and it’s lead anthem ‘Colour Of My Heart’.

‘Colour Of My Heart’ opens with Meca’s distinctive vocal, producer Vintage Culture begins the ascent with a growing beat, before dropping it into a spacey yet grooving mid-section. The song rises again at around the 2 minute mark, before exploding into an expertly-crafted electronic dance drop.  ‘Colour Of My Heart’ sets the tone for Vintage Culture’s new EP ‘Vintage Culture & Friends 3’, released on June 19th and filled with synth-led floor-fillers.

Discussing the EP, Vintage Culture explains: “I created ‘Vintage Culture & Friends Vol.3’ with my friends in music, Gabe, KVSH, Dashdot and Meca. They have joined me with the sole intention of making you dance, and to help you forget the world for a while. We had a great time creating this music. Someday, when this is all behind us, we’ll be dancing together to these songs at our favorite parties. Strange times are upon us. And though we may sometimes feel alone, we’re in this together. We await reuniting with our friends and loved ones, we await dancing together, singing together – creating new memories with our best friends. Until that day – stay safe, stay hopeful, and be grateful for the friends in your life.”



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