Database - Vivid Exposition


Database - Vivid Exposition

Database has finally landed with their debut album, Vivid Exposition.

A grand celebration featuring the Brazilian duo at their very best, along with a slew of their friends around the world contributing their own talents, Vivid Exposition is a journey through the sounds and inspirations that make Database who they are. Drawing on influence from the likes of Ariel Pink, Daft Punk, and Mark Ronson, Database have crafted each track with care — some flowing along in weeks, others taking years to perfect. The result is ultimate spring time listening, and a true step back into the world's eyes and ears.

"Think of a big pool party, in the summer, playing that soundsystem on loud. That's how I imagine the perfect setting to enjoy the [finally-released] first album from Database."
– Vice THUMP (Brazil)

The entirety of Vivid Exposition is out now on Life On Planes and is available for purchase on Beatport.