Goeran Meyer - Walking Distance EP


Goeran Meyer - Walking Distance EP

Goeran Meyer`s ascension into the world of Underground electronic music has been nothing short of explosive since his inception. Fluent in the art of the deep, his musical style shows great versatility allowing him to craft his sound in any way giving his listeners the approach they need to feel the emotional content which drives his productions so strongly.

As the head of MYR, the careful selection placed into the curation of the label`s artists and tracks take precedence, and with the mighty German based label now primed for its highly anticipated 6th release, the boss himself has stepped up to deliver one fiery EP which has already shown great potential as being one of the labels biggest releases yet.

The headlining song “Walking Distance”, features a groove-filled blend of crunchy, warm drums, punchy driven bass and unexpected turns at every corner as subtle releases of climactic filtering and effects take center stage bringing together the big drops that make this song one that stands out from its counter parts.

Bringing the musical sound of the EP full circle, Goeran has brought together 3 uncanny producers to officially remix “Walking Distance” and the results were more than we could have ever have hoped for. Stepping up for the opportunity we have Kaiser Waldon, Discase and FALLEN.

Australian born Kaiser Waldon is known for his energetic approach to his music. With musical influences across the spectrum his ability to adapt the techniques and energy from the artists he loves, he manages to craft new, moving experiences for the entire dancefloor.

“I'm heavily influenced by the way music can make people dance, these producers and DJ`s to me have seemed to have mastered this art and still can pull out unexpected moments” – Kaiser Waldon –

The approach Discase takes to his music was built brick by brick to ensure DJ sets that fill dancefloors, and ensure a steady following from anyone who hears him play. With one foot rooted firmly in Deep house, the other moves confidently toward an energetic and beautifully syncopated outlook on Tech house where the two are married so smoothly that the line between the static naming conventions of the genres within electronic music are blurred completely.

“I’m just about the music” – Discase –

Rounding off the EP with the final remix, South African based artist FALLEN delivers a deeper, driving take on “Walking Distance”. With a number of releases off local labels in South Africa 2017 has shown great promise for the Deep tech artist as he approaches his first European release off MYR.

“I try and create a musical experience that reminds people of the beauty that lies within music being mixed with the constant need to always create something new. People should leave our parties feeling we have added value to their time with us on dancefloor” – FALLEN –

All in all, 2017 has been a powerful year for the young electronic imprint making waves across the underground scene with support shown from the biggest in the game. With Goeran`s “Walking Distance”, 2018 is already set to be one of the biggest stepping stones for the labels continual climbing success.

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