Forerunners - Watercolour


Forerunners - Watercolour

Solarstone’s Pure Progressive offshoot label is focused on promoting the resurgent deeper, slower, progressive orientated music that is currently seeing a dynamic explosion in new talent. The label hit the ground running in 2017, and ben releasing a steady stream of diverse and inventive music courtesy of the likes of Evgeny Lebedev, Nick Stoynoff, Tim Penner, and many more.

Now, Arizona’s Brenden LaBonte (aka Forerunners) returns to the label with yet another unique & fascinating production. ‘Watercolour’ – as befits the title – is swathed in washes of colour and he totally gets the concept of how to take the listener on a journey. Brenden is a guy who produces lush, majestic and addictive progressive house music, and his reputation is steadily growing, with recent releases & remixes on Max Graham’s Cycles imprint and Saturate Audio.

Brenden’s back catalogue consists of gem after musical gem. All killer – no filler, as they say. His previous Pure Progressive outing are well worth revisiting: ‘Lost In Translation’ / ‘Strange Days’ (PTP002), ‘Prism’ (PTP013), along with Solarstone & Forerunners – ‘Dying Star’ (PTP017). Something of an enigma as an artist, this Arizona-based producer is definitely someone to keep on your radar.


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