Lex & Wood - Werk/Trippin EP


Lex & Wood - Werk/Trippin EP

Montreal based duo Lex & Wood debut on Vudu Records with a two-track EP. ‘Werk/Trippin’ delves into darker, industrial house overtones with big beats and plenty of energy. These attributes bode very well with Vudu, who continue their 2017 with an onslaught of releases and a point to prove. This is underground house at its best, and with early support from Steve Lawler, Tough Love and K-Klass, we’re sure you’ll be hearing these a lot more often.

With slow garage-beat build ups and hard-hitting drops, ‘Werk’ will have you fist-pumping in no time. Anthemic vocals team up with an infectious groove and bassline to produce big rhythms throughout. High energy from the word ‘go,’ as well as a generous sprinkling of old-school flavours, this is definitely one for the record collection.

Second track “Trippin” has a more acid-house sound. A beefy hypnotic groove with killer vocal hooks from start to finish. Big bass vibes with eerie, stabbing samples fill the back-beat up nicely, whilst the chunky drums reinforce the acid vibes.

A carefully crafted EP that introduces Lex & Wood nicely into the Vudu family, keep an eye out for these guys in the future.