Infuze - You Know


Infuze - You Know

Following the immense ‘Who That’ and his stunning remix of Martin Garrix feat. Mike Yung’s ‘Dreamer’, Infuze returns to STMPD RCRDS in triumphant style with his latest beauty, ‘You Know’.

Twinkling synth arpeggios give the start of the track a dreamy feel, with the sultry female vocals soon working over pulsing chords. Beautiful harmonies take us to the drop where we’re met by pummeling 808 bass tones, chopped-up vocals, horn blasts and bright and breezy synths sidechaining in and out of the foreground. Sensual melody and rhythm unfold as a thick R&B bassline weaves over the stuttering beats. A spine-tingling build hits us with snare rolls and melodic fills before we get another go at that juicy drop. Immaculately produced and shimmering with gorgeous digital gloss, it’s next-generation pop music with a tough backbone.

With many millions of plays for his releases on the likes of STMPD RCRDS and Fool’s Gold Records, his countless bootlegs and remixes for the likes of Delta Heavy and RL Grime, Infuze has amassed a huge fanbase over the last few years. With his futuristic sound that blends dancefloor theatrics with radio-friendly melody, you can expect him to go on to produce some major acts as his career progresses.

Infuze will play during the STMPD RCRDS takeover of UMF Radio stage at Ultra Music Festival on 31 March in Miami.

Infuze 'You Know' is released on STMPD RCRDS on Friday March 29.