A new visionary voyage on Rorschach Records, with Soleyman’s “Oh Lord”

A new visionary voyage on Rorschach Records, with Soleyman’s “Oh Lord”

New York, summer of 2038. It hadn’t rained on the City for more than 8 months. The stocks of drinkable water had long been spent and the population was slowly agonizing in an infernal heat that was burning them out one by one.

But a rumor was going around that a savior was hiding among the survivors, who would soon come to deliver them all from the impending catastrophy: Soleyman!In a desperate last breath the crowd started chanting and calling him for help: “Oh Lord! May you hear our plea! May you grant us your favors and save the City from desolation!”

Then, a shadow appeared in the distance, holding a wooden wand. All of a sudden, one heard the powerful and syncopated blasts of thunder, like a heavy hypnotic rhythm. The wind started growling angrily, whipping the creaking skyscrapers in successive waves. Lightning bolts started cracking like burning metal and reddened the skies. Then came the rain. First a few drops, then a sudden downpour. It crackled with all its might. To the ears of the miraculously saved, it sounded like a powerful and melodic symphony. They started dancing furiously for hours on end, spellbound by the sweet melody that Soleyman had brought on. The City and its inhabitants had been saved!




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