Alex Ferrer releases new EP with remixes from Agent! and Norman Weber

Alex Ferrer releases new EP with remixes from Agent! and Norman Weber

Spanish DJ/Producer and Deeplomatic Recordings Label Manager, Alex Ferrer, is back to release a 4-tracked exotic house EP titled ‘Jungle Fever’ on the 27th of September.

An EP that blends nature and animal sounds, heavy drums and pulsating basslines, ‘Jungle Fever’ includes two original tracks and features two remixes from stalwart German producers Agent! and Norman Weber (Luna City Express).

The EP´s titled track ‘Jungle Fever’ features a burst of exotic drums, a hypnotic bassline and melodic phased out synth sounds. This track is sure to be an icebreaker on the dance floor.


Alex Ferrer employs the brilliance of fellow house producer, Agent! on ‘Jungle Fever (Agent! Remix)’, and the versatile artist doesn’t disappoint, as he produces a drum heavy track with a great bass, oscillating swirl sounds and percussions.Followed by ‘Vitamin K’, a transcending track, packed full of musical nutrients, a pumping bassline, intense crushing hi-hats and echoed vocal chants. The EP draws to a close with an impressive remix from Norman Weber (Luna City Express), who blends both original tracks into the remix ‘Jungle Vitamins’, creating a cocktail of melodic bells, sequenced melodies and hard-hitting bass and drums.

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1. Alex Ferrer – Jungle Fever (Original Mix)
2. Alex Ferrer – Jungle Fever (Agent! Remix)
3. Alex Ferrer – Vitamin K (Original Mix)
4. Alex Ferrer – Jungle Vitamins (Norman Weber Remix)

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