Ann King Picks Up The Pieces In A Heart-Breaking New Single ‘ILY’

Ann King Picks Up The Pieces In A Heart-Breaking New Single ‘ILY’

Known to write with her heart on her sleeve, Ann King picks up the pieces with a heart-breaking new single called ‘ILY’ bounded with delicate yet powerful vocal with compelling lyrics.

Jazzy with some elements of dark-pop and eerie production, Ann’s incredible vocals and spellbinding sound is infused with her heart and emotions creating this silky acoustic new single.

More expansive and ambitious than ever before, the young artist admits she wrote the song when she was utterly heart-broken, and couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

“It took me a while to pick up the broken pieces, I think it can be hard to trust again after a relationship leaves you so broken behind. But I have also learned that sometimes the best gift a lover can give you is to walk away ‘cause I would have never walked away even though I probably should have,”

“It’s okay to feel broken, love can really hurt but that only means that what you had was true. Let yourself feel the pain, you will only grow from it as a person,”

Ann continues to honour all felt emotions with her recent releases which inspires her listeners to find strength and empowerment in vulnerability.

Vocal powerhouse Ann King is a singer, songwriter and a passionate performer hailing from the Netherlands. Her strong voice has a wide range and has seen her perform solo shows in United States, including a show on Broadway, where she was received with praise for her performance. Her previous releases ‘Up In Flames,’ ‘Heading’ and ‘I Wouldn’t Mind’ has received love from taste makers across the globe. The young singer is showing no signs of slowing down with 2020 being the year for Ann King.



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