Blynx unveils brand new single ‘Social distance’

Blynx unveils brand new single ‘Social distance’

Born and raised South London rapper Blynx delivers a raw, introspective, and lyrically hooking message as he exposes struggle in today’s society. After watching spoken word artists perform, Blynx found his calling. Blynx spits his truth over a tapping drum beat and a gentle baseline cemented with Blynx’s coarse vocals. The talented South London rapper’s storytelling is mesmerising; he tells the story of people with influence to help turn a blind eye to those who need them. Produced by Jay Picasso, Blynx’s island sound, blended with his soft rap skills, is meditative and organic. 

When speaking about the track, he states, “Stays positive, set your mind on your goals, appreciate good company and keep a distance from bad energy, focus on the present and never let your past determine your future and never let hypocrites, parasites and bad mind people stop you from moving forward. Just like the verse of the song says:

“I am multitasking and I am juggling, trying to get to my destination, on my pushbike as I am pedalling through Exodus and Revelation, accelerating past the pagans cause they are all bunch of Satan and they can’t get to the God in me”



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