Bo Johnson’s Latest Release Ft. Snoop Dogg ‘Dogs 4ever’ Hits The Scene

Bo Johnson’s Latest Release Ft. Snoop Dogg ‘Dogs 4ever’ Hits The Scene

Budding Swedish sensation Bo Johnson continues to make waves in the scene, especially with his latest release ‘Dogs 4ever’, landing with one of the most iconic names in the industry – Snoop Dogg. Following on from previous releases like ‘Falling’ claiming the #2 spot on the US Top 20 in the eighth week of its run, and his single ‘When Dragons Cry’ receiving recognition from the Music Streaming Awards, Bo Johnson has distinguished himself as a true powerhouse when it comes to Electronic Pop music. With both dynamic and vibrant hits of fresh sounds that have formed fans of Electronic and Dance music all over the world, you can always rely on Bo Johnson to take you on a journey.

Bo Johnson’s latest hit ‘Dogs 4ever’ offers up a rich and melodious mix of R&B music intertwined with heavy doses of speaker splitting bass and high-energy punches of percussion and rhythm that urge an insatiable feeling to get up and dance. Snoop’s prominent vocals that have helped to shape eras bring a whole new depth to the release, his laid-back approach to rapping keeps it real and the epitomised sound of West Coast hip-hop culture from the US merges the two genres together perfectly. Bo Johnson’s production ethic is as ever, polished, original, and perfect for the radio or dancefloor alike, and Snoop Dogg’s appearance is a seriously nice touch.

Continuing to make a big impact in the industry with his music, Bo Johnson has developed quite the talent for creating impressive productions full of emotion, combined with his ingenious ideas that cross musical genre borders by collaborating with artists and producers from varying genres. Johnson is constantly proving himself as a Billboard-topping artist, as he continuously proves that he has the undeniable ability to create impactful tunes that can be played everywhere by a large variety of music-lovers from across the world, through combining his difficult life experiences and embodying them through his own releases.

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