Cristian Varela Compiles ‘Quarantine Care Package’

Cristian Varela Compiles ‘Quarantine Care Package’

With social distancing and self-isolation becoming increasingly widespread amidst the crisis surrounding the outbreak of COVID-19, electronic music fans around the world are looking for different ways to get their fix, as large-scale events face postponement and cancelation across the board.

Continuing his on-going mission to bring the finest techno – and now food – to the masses week in week out, Spanish techno legend (and budding home cook) Cristian Varela now gifts his fans and music lovers around the world with a special ‘Quarantine Care Package’ to keep spirits high for those stuck at home.

The package contains two exclusive new mixes, a recent live set for Roland, his 2019 feature-length documentary ‘Music, Passion & Respect’ and finally his personal recipe for authentic Spanish tortilla!

Speaking about the Quarantine Care Package, Cristian commented:

“It´s a very difficult time for everybody – promoters, venues, artists and electronic music lovers alike. Everybody needs to listen music, dance and enjoy themselves at least for a few hours just to forget how stressful life on this planet is. I’ve put together this small care package, so people can continue to enjoy music and food from the comfort of their own home. On top of that, I want to send all my thoughts and best wishes to everybody over this difficult period. Please stay safe and look out for each other!”

Cristian Varela’s Spanish Tortilla Recipe


8 new potatoes

6 free range eggs

Extra virgin olive oil

Salt & pepper


– Carefully cut the new potatoes into 1cm slices

– Season with salt and pepper

– Pre-heat medium sized frying pan to medium high heat

– Shallow fry potato slices in roughly 1 cm of extra virgin olive oil until golden

– In a separate large bowl, whisk the six eggs until whites and yolks have combined

– Add the egg mixture to the pan of fried potatoes

– Cook for 1-2 minutes until eggs are almost cooked

– Using a dinner plate, flip the tortilla and return to the frying pan for a further 1 minute.

– Finish with a sprinkling of salt and it’s done!!

Cristian Varela’s ‘Quarantine Care Package’

Download Cristian Varela’s Classic 4-Turntable set here

Download Cristian Varela’s Underground Techno set here

Watch Cristian Varela’s Roland Live Techno set below:

Watch Cristian Varela’s feature-length documentary ‘Music, Passion & Respect’ below.

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