Daniele Alan-Carter – ‘Promise You Will Love Me’

Daniele Alan-Carter – ‘Promise You Will Love Me’

Sharing an energetic yet introspective track, Daniele Alan-Carter has returned with ‘Promise You Will Love Me’ after releasing a string of successful singles. The multi-talent has dipped his toes in many areas of the industry as a singer, songwriter and actor. Daniele’s musical taste is certainly influenced by his varied career, as he unites his theatrical side with a blend of EDM and Pop.

“What we talk about in this song is not a conventional romantic love story; I always like to talk about love in all its forms. It’s not only romantic love’s prerogative to save us and to complete us; but that can be also the love of a brother, a sister, a friend, a parent, even a pet. I wanted everyone listening to be able to see themselves as the protagonist of this song and be able to find their own dance partner, even if they’re single. Myself and producer Tokøta wanted to add a bit of the ‘good old days’ feeling, so we worked on using 80s/90s electronic sounds, where the synth pads drive you through the song together with a rhythmical structure and sounds related more to the EDM and tropical dance world; I wanted the same mix of vintage/new even in the aesthetic of the videoclip. I was inspired deeply by the Netflix series “Sex Education”, which blends elements of the 80s/90s together with modern technology, exactly like the arrangement of the song. My wish for this song is that people will play it full blast this summer and will vibe to it with their favourite people.” – Daniele



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