Different entertainment can help personal wellbeing

Different entertainment can help personal wellbeing

2020 has to have been one of the worst years on record for mental health of all ages. We wanted to take a brief look at whether playing online games or listening to music might help.

Video games and old-fashioned puzzles are fun activities for depression that help you refocus your mind and also stimulate it. Casual video gaming has shown to reduce stress and lessen symptoms of depression.

It’s been long established that listening to music as a type of therapy can help with your mental health but what about different types of entertainment can that might help personal wellbeing. If you wanted to give it a try you could use the Energy Casino Promo Code to test out if you think it helps. Let us know the results.

Now what about running? Could that help? Running is not only a great way of improving your overall happiness, health and well-being but it can in fact help to alleviate symptoms of depression.

It is estimated that one quarter of the population will suffer from some kind of mental health issue each year, with depression effecting nearly a fifth of UK adults. Many studies have proven that regular exercise can help to alleviate symptoms of depression. A recent study by University College London found that exercising three times a week could lower the risk of depression by 16%. Factors included its ability to distract a person from stress and the production of endorphins after exercise. GPs are regularly prescribing exercise for depression and for very good reason. Cost-free, bursting with physical (as well as mental) health benefits and an efficient calorie-burning cardiovascular activity, running is a fantastic way of getting into exercise.

We also wanted to look at music. Can listening to music make you feel better. Make you feel a little less blue? Up-tempo, fast-paced music gets your brain and body moving, making you amped up and motivated to enjoy what’s ahead. In fact, researchers have claimed classical and ambient music have the best mood-boosting benefits, while metal and hard electronic music were considered to have the opposite effect.

With Spring and Summer just around the corner could sunshine also help? People spend more time outside in the sun when the weather is warm. Exposure to sunlight is how your body produces vitamin D, which is necessary for many vital functions and has been linked to improved mood, stronger bones, and lower risk of cancer, heart disease, and depression.

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