DJ Chillz shares glorious house beats on ‘Higher’

DJ Chillz shares glorious house beats on ‘Higher’

London-based DJ, songwriter and producer DJ Chillz (Debbie Adebowale) reveals her captivating new single ‘Higher’, released via her label Sonic Continuum Recordings.

‘Higher’  is awash with midnight blue hues – the heady house beats colliding with delicate electronics to create a pulsating, late night groove. Drawing on notorious house music traits, the single is a captivating example of Chillz’s ability to connect underground club culture to a global audience.

This track allowed me to bring out my love for house music” she explains. “Once the bassline worked with the drums I knew this was going be a solid track and the vocals just wrapped it up nicely.

Allowing listeners to escape into her kaleidoscopic world, ‘Higher‘ is yet another indication of DJ Chillz’s irrefutable talent.



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