Endémico unveils new online music magazine ‘NSNS’

Endémico unveils new online music magazine ‘NSNS’

International creative agency Endémico unveils a brand new digital music magazine, NSNS  (NEVER STOP NEVER STOPPING).

For the very first time ‘NSNS‘ marks a unique collaboration between Mexico City, Latin America and their global community and brings together the inspirational Latin culture from around the world and the best English and Spanish content in one magazine.

NSNS acts as a shortcut to connect like-minded beings from around the world via culture. The network is innovative because it’s an open source that allows its contributors to share knowledge and build. Contributors taking part have a place to talk, bringing fresh ideas.

Each week NSNS will cover cultural highlights and industry insights such as essays, columns, feature stories, editorials, photo-essays, video formats, podcasts and more.

The worldwide launch features exclusive interviews with Pessimist, Deadbeat, MESH, Vatican Shadow, Bambounou and more and will host a Rinse FM France fundraiser “CIRCA” over 10 weeks in 10 LATAM Countries.

 A no-nonsense guide that talks of inclusivity and of a comprehensive range of forms from art, technology to social organisation and any types of creativity that has symbolic meaning.

Sophie Kübler, founder and manager of Endémico, NSNS and Community Effects, will edit the magazine. NSNS will feature top writers, including creative industries coach Florence Jimenez Otto (German/Argentinian),  Mexico City based writer Pat Alyeva (Russian), Renata (Mexican), non-binary artist Manueal Pizarro (Columbian), marketing mastermind and musician Humberto Polar (Peruvian) and more to come.

Speaking about NSNS, Sophie Kübler said: “NSNS has a fantastic team of editors, writers, academics, and designers and we wanted to produce a standalone digital magazine that showcases these talents. The result is an in-depth guide to relevant and timeless topics in culture, movements, issues, topics, ideas and music produced with the passion and intelligence that readers can expect from our talented community.”

The team behind NSNS is a spider web that connects the dots of  production, video, photo, artists, clubs, promoters and more from around the globe. Brought together over the years, everyone involved has met through friends and recommendations and they are the backbone of NSNS and who will continue to build this network further and further.

NSNS are open to receive contributions, music, news pitches from writers around the world. Please email Sophie at [email protected]




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