Experimental Electronic Artist Ka Fu Shares ‘Beautiful Noize’ feat. Saughtons

Experimental Electronic Artist Ka Fu Shares ‘Beautiful Noize’ feat. Saughtons

Burgeoning experimental electronic producer Ka Fu has released his latest single ‘Beautiful Noize’ feat. Saughtons on the 8th of May via Hidden Vibes. ‘Beautiful Noize’ feat. Saughtons is the second taste of Ka Fu’s second album set to drop later this year. Ka Fu recently added to his creative portfolio with a DJ set at the spectacular Eco-Art Park Nikola-Lenivets which premiered with Be-At TV to their 1 million+ followers. The rich sonic palette of Ka Fu’s 2019 debut album Encoding: Master announced his arrival on the scene boasting mixing by Klas-Henrik Lindblad (Anja Schneider, Rodriguez Jr., The Presets) from Berlin BlackHead Studios and received support from Data Transmission, XS Noize, Child Of House, La Belle Musique, the_accidental_poet and Progressive Dreamers amongst others. 2020 has seen Ka Fu release a moving remix of Llama’s Dream’s track ‘Rain Catcher’ that caught the ear of popular Youtube Channel Ambient.
Physically residing in Milan, Ka Fu’s true home is his music – a place of constant innovation and freedom. Born and raised in the previously closed Russian military city of Severodvinsk, Ka Fu is a self-confessed global nomad addicted to perpetual change. His one constant is the desire to create, and music brought with it the opportunity to use the endless possibilities of sound to communicate his message to the universe with no concern for time. Ka Fu is not a classical musician and, moreover, does not want to be perceived as a musician at all. He has chosen to abandon the constraints of genre in an attempt to rediscover the unique feeling of creating meaningful sound waves.
Ka Fu’s debut album Encoding: Master featured an eclectic collection of tracks characterised by the artist’s ability to convey a sense of unyielding forward motion through his sound. He drew considerable inspiration from the legendary sound of Depeche Mode with a refreshing dash of wave energy courtesy of heavyweights Noah B and Kareful. ‘Beautiful Noize’ feat. Saughtons sees Ka Fu take one step further into the future, melding formidable electronics and delicate vocal sampling reminiscent of the sounds of SBTRKT, Jamie XX, HVOB and The Orb.

Approaching the creation of the single with a unique angle, Ka Fu collaborates with a pianist without providing any piano chords in the end result. Instead, they take the individual notes and translate them into synth and electronic counterparts. As a result, there is a classical, cascading aspect of the 90’s styled electronic song. The vocals provide balance, bringing forth a harshness with the form of a blunt delivery of lyrics.

Speaking of the collaboration with Saughtons, Ka Fu tells us: “You will be surprised but this is my collab with the piano player Saughtons however there is no piano in that song. Everything was transferred from the piano notes to the synth sounds and that’s how Beautiful Noize was born. Means we don’t even know how, like we were playing in our favourite sandbox with a certain mood to experiment and create something fresh and interesting.”




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