Features of Slot games Explained

Features of Slot games Explained

All online slots have a great range of features that can really add a lot to the game itself and make it more engaging, thrilling and fun. Not all of us know exactly what these features are though, and so could be missing out. The features of slot games are easy to understand, however.

Features of slot games include benefits that are easier to understand like Bonus Spins offers and features that offer the chance to win free games. For example, these are more self-explanatory than expanding wilds features of top 10 slot games, which is where we will begin.

Expanding wilds and wilds in slot games

The symbol any player wants to see on their screen – the wild. The wild symbol itself will vary with the slots, but it is usually the star of the game’s theme or the logo. For example, Mega Moolah is set to the theme of a jungle and the wild is a lion. Other times it can also be the word wild itself.

So why is a wild one of the best slots features? The feature with this symbol that a player will find with any of the slots is that it will substitute for other symbols and help create winning combinations. The wild will do this with all online slots, but not for all symbols. Usually the wild subs out for all symbols except the scatter.

Expanding wilds are something else, however. Expanding wilds differ by not only morphing into another symbol to help form winning combinations, but by also expanding to cover the reel entirely. This feature will activate the entire reel and make that reel act as a wild for the other reels too! It makes sense that these symbols are among the most popular slot features out there.

Bonus slot games

All good online slots will offer bonus games and bonus slot games which can be triggered in various ways. Normally, there is a symbol or a combination of symbols that the player has to hit in order to trigger the bonus slot games but there are other ways. Sometimes, the bonus slot games will be announced at random too.

The bonus slot games are one of the best features of slots, and the bonus slot games can really further the excitement of a slot game. These bonus slot games are not available at all of the online slots but those that do offer this slots feature will be available through the same online casino. The gamble feature of slots is also available with these bonus slot games.

Other bonus slot games that a player can get include games similar to the scratch card games and a kind of pick and mix. Again these games are triggered randomly, and with the latter game the player will normally choose from a pile of cards facing down. With so many great slots features to choose, why not head to an online casino now and try them out for yourself?

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