Flight Facilities Announce New LP FOREVER, Out 12th November

Flight Facilities Announce New LP FOREVER, Out 12th November

Flight Facilities have announced the release date for their long-awaited sophomore album FOREVER, arriving 12th November on Future Classic and Glassnote Records. The producer duo and live electronic act announce news of the forthcoming LP alongside the single release of title track ‘Forever’, featuring indie-pop sibling duo BROODS.


A masterful display of musical versatility, FOREVER sees Flight Facilities dip into their vast archives and pull out everything from Chicago house to techno, orchestral strings, indie electronica and more. Having worked together for over a decade, they’ve refined their styles and perfected the art of creating genre-defying classics that are drenched in nostalgia. The result takes listeners on unsuspecting journeys through musical history, to places and times they may have never visited but that feel familiar nonetheless. Flight Facilities’ music bridges the gap between the vast spectrum of music enthusiasts, and in turn creates a global community that comes together and finds a connection on the dance floor.


Listen to ‘Forever ft. BROODS’ here
Flight Facilities on the single announce — “Conceived in 2016, it’s no coincidence that this song ended up with its title, because it felt like a lifetime ago that we were haphazardly throwing down vocals in a Los Angeles lounge-room with BROODS. In a rushed ‘vocal session’, which we unsubtly arranged as an excuse to preload for a night out, we came to realize that we’d captured more magic than first thought. Instrumentally, we drew on acts like The Chemical Brothers, Mylo and Underworld throughout the 5 year process. We even cautiously navigated the dangerous waters of late 2000’s EDM, while using Georgia’s delicate voice to diffuse the ostentation of the sound. ‘Forever ft. BROODS’ feels like the quintessential bridge between our musical origins as Flight Facilities, and our undeniable love of dance music in all its forms.”
Wanting to give back to their supporters with FOREVER, Flight Facilities are also offering their biggest fans the opportunity to become life members through winning the FOREVER Club Gold Keyring, granting access to all Flight Facilities headlines shows world-wide for life, completely free. There is one gold keyring per continent to win, and all that’s needed is to pre-order FOREVER on Vinyl via the artist store before entries close at 11:59PM AEST on 12th November.
Watch the FOREVER album trailer here
Flight Facilities on the album announce — “7 years ago, during an interview for the release of our first album ‘Down To Earth’, we joked “the next one probably won’t be done ‘til 2020”. And somehow, here we are, staring down the barrel of 2022, holding the product of 5 years work. The best way to describe this album is a combination of where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going. As true as it was from our first release, the foundations and glue for all our work has consistently been ‘collaboration’. That is exemplified by Jono Ma’s integral role in the final, transformational stages of the album process. While our musical journey has always been an intentional exploration of multiple genres, our hearts and roots lie on the dance floor. We applied that same explorative ethos to this record, taking a concerted delve into the previously untouched niches and eras of dance. It’s been a long time coming, and only the same time will tell if it was worth the wait. That deliberation stems from a strive to make the type of music, which lasts as long as our creative process appears to take….’forever’.“


The FOREVER LP release confirms Flight Facilities’ position as perennial electronic tastemakers.


FOREVER Tracklist
1)   Lights Up ft. Channel Tres
2)   What I Want ft. BROODS
3)   Heavy ft. Your Smith
4)   The Ghost
5)   Altitude
6)   Wait and See ft. BRUX
7)   Forever ft. BROODS
8)   Move ft. DRAMA
9)   Pain ft. Jordy Felix
10) Stay ft. Your Smith
11) If Only ft. Emma Louise



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