French Talent HOLOW Drops “Lullaby” With Its ‘Cutoff’ Video

French Talent HOLOW Drops “Lullaby” With Its ‘Cutoff’ Video

Trailing ‘Chemicals’ and July’s offering ‘Comet’, French producer HOLOW entered in the ‘back to school season’ with another melodic, feel-good gem named ‘Lullaby’.

Carving a solid reputation around his unique, inimitable analogue-driven sound, Arthur “aka HOLOW” delivers finesse under a fusion of House, Electro Pop and French Touch influences, built upon a smooth bassline, catchy, simmering beat, and a captivating vocal.

This new banger sees the Paris-based creative pursue a dazzling release-run, showing no sign of slowing down. Supported by its Behind the Scene teaser, ‘Lullaby’ just reminds us (once again) why HOLOW is such a prominent name in Electronic Music.



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